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Terms of Delivery It is qualified to export to EU,Middle-East,Russia,South-East of Asia and South of Asia. Delivery Time for Standard Articles:

One is Jin Zhou TianYang fresh pear packing house,which occupies 4000 square meters for processing workshop and has the capacity of coldstorage of 6000 Mts fresh fruits. It is qualified to export to U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South-Africa and EU and so on.

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Quarantine Association Pear Branch Mauritius and other countries:

We are mainly dealing in Ya Pear, Early Su Pear, Huangguan Pear, Golden Pear,Fengshui Pear, Yuanhuang Pear, Cristal Pear, Green Diamond Pear.Our export market has been in the United States, Canada, the European union  , Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, the Middle East countries, Southeast Asia and South Asia and Mauritius and other countries.

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2015 China Fruit Circulation Association awarded the title of China's top ten pear brand in China .

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